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4 Irresistible Logo Design Trends to Watch Out In 2018

Having a great logo is the first step in winning the customers hearts. Customers will follow an organization that stands out and can memorize their logos. So, as an entrepreneur, you need to consider a logo design that will enable you to create an impression on your prospects. Also, the design must merge with your brands in a way the customers will have zero difficulties in identifying it.


Like any other area, logo making is evolving. New designs and trends pop up now and then. For you to remain ahead, you must adopt them. However, your logo needs to be unique, timeless, and memorable. This aspect may be a headache for a large number of newbies. To help you come up with a wooing logo, here are 4 irresistible logo designs you need consider in 2018 and beyond:

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Like other spheres, simplicity is a central trend in logo making. For your logo to stand out, it must be flexible and straightforward. Your logo must be compatible with various platforms you want to use it. For instance, there should be zero challenges to use the logo on your printed materials such as business cards, posters, banners, caps, and t-shirts. Also, you should find it easier to use your logo on social media and web pages.  The logo should have the same appearance across various backgrounds to ensure your business gain a unified identity. Hence, simplicity will continue being a dominant trend in 2018 and beyond.



As an entrepreneur, you will use several platforms in branding your business. You need a logo that will fit on all platforms and tools you will be using in the marketing campaigns. For this reason, minimalism is becoming a central logo design. The design allows you to come up with a resilient and flexible logo to harness your offline and online branding. Also, it is the fundamental way of making your logo memorable and timeless.

By this, it means your logo will stand the test of time. It will remain relevant regardless of the new trends coming up on this niche. Hence, most entrepreneurs are adopting the minimalist approach in logo making.

Mixing of colors

Mixing of colors

Unlike the olden days where a logo was all black and white, color is becoming a dynamic element in logo designing. Attractiveness being a central aspect, use of different colors is now a norm for logo makers. A good example is the Google logo. In 2018, many entrepreneurs will continue merging different colors in their logos aiming at standing out from the crowd. In this regard, you need to pay close attention to this trend and ensure you are not left behind.

However, you must be considerate when using the colors in your logo. Ensure that they do not affect the integrity of your brand. Also, you should determine whether the adding colors will come along with additional benefits. Remember, you may use colors that will lead to a loss of customers or mistrust. Hence, always be conscious when selecting your logo colors.

Interactive designs

Interactive designs

The audience is prioritizing interactivity when considering a webpage. A highly interactive site will receive more traffic than its counterparts. The same approach applies to logo making. Logo designs that are dynamic are becoming common in this decade. You need an array of logos that are not static that enhance how you tell the story of your organization and brands. When looking for a logo design, ensure it is interactive and dynamic such that it improves your branding capabilities.

In a word, adapting these four logo designs will help you to stay ahead of your competitors in 2018. Hence, keep a close eye on them.

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